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Eagles Hope Beginning:

A young homeless man with a gentle soul captured the hearts of local community members in 2013. He spent years living on the streets not believing in himself. When a group of individuals stepped in to help the homeless, he took the initiative to make his life better. For months, he was off the streets receiving treatment. Unfortunately, he was discharged in the middle of winter, he had no place to go except back into the environment he knew. He froze to death shortly after. Eagles Hope Transitions was founded in 2014 so individuals seeking a better life would have a safe transition back into the communities’ mainstream.


Mission Statement:

Eagles Hope Transitions is a faith-based, non-profit organization, providing the opportunity for Fremont County residents to create and build new lives to transition back into their families and communities. Clients acquire knowledge, skills, and guidance to access and utilize available services to become healthy, productive members of Fremont County. Eagles Hope Transitions provides a safe and sober living environment that allows all patrons to maintain dignity, respect and develop long term personal and financial stability.


Requirements to Become a Resident:

Ability to obtain a job and sustain a low housing fee.

Agree to follow Eagles Hope Zero Tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Agree to participate in required classes such as Support Recovery, Wellbriety, and a variety of life skills classes.

Agree to follow Eagles Hope housing policies and procedures.

Agree to follow center duties and/or chores.

Agree to be a productive member of the community by doing community service and giving back to those who support us.


Demographics Since 2017

Served 98 adults
Caucasian 42 = 43%
Native American 56 = 57%
Hispanic 5 = 5%
African American 2 = 2%

July 1, 2019 –Present

Who We Serve

Current Residents

41 Residents

24 Adults

17 Kids, ages 4 days old–16 years old


Eagles Hope Transitions has provided 34,811 Services since July 1, 2019

Services Provided

Meetings –AA, NA, Wellbriety, Bible Studies

Classes –Financial Management Training, Job Readiness, and Life Skills classes 

Free Laundry

One Meal a Day

Hygiene and Clothing

Case Management


Housing unit


Success Rate

44 Successful transitions 59%

30 Unsuccessful transitions (removed from the program) 41% due to drug/alcohol issues 


Eagles Hope Phase Two

  • Sixteen livable rooms

  • 10 medium-size rooms/ w bathroom –$350

  • 3 bigger units with extra room (families) –$450

  • 2 small rooms/ w bathroom –$275

  • Full size 1 bedroom apartment/ w bathroom and kitchen  

  • Four rooms need finished

  • Commons area where they cook dinner / eat/have meetings.

  • Pantry

  • Family room with TV / DVD player / Netflix etc.

  • Laundry facility

  • Three bathrooms / 1 with shower.


Revenue Streams

  • Community Services Block Grant =$40,000

  • Resident Fee’s = $30,000

  • Community donations from organizations and individuals = $20,858

  • Fundraising projects = $12,000

  • City of Riverton Community Contract for Services = $6,000

  • First Interstate Bank Community Foundation = $10,000


Phase One:
Emergency Shelter

Phase One will maintain Eagles Hope standards of maintaining abstinence from all substances. Upon admission clients will begin to do necessary work to obtain identification, employment or disability if applicable. The idea of the program will provide individuals with temporary housing for 6-8 weeks (at no cost to the individuals demonstrating the need for this service) while saving money to enter into the Phase 2 transitional housing providing residents with a residence for up to two years while working towards permanent housing.


How Funding Will Be Used

$12,000 towards water for both properties.

$5,000 for essential items to serve those that are homeless and have nothing which includes, bed mats, bedding, toilet paper, paper towels, plates, utensils, and cleaning supplies.

$6,000 for maintenance and repairs.

Ongoing Needs

Cleaning Supplies, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Disinfecting Wipes, Dishwashing Soap, Clothing detergent, Fabric Sheets, 13 Gallon kitchen bag, Gloves, Pine-Sol, Sponges, Black bags, 409/Window cleaner


Food (Staples)

Coffee, Powder Creamer, Sugar, Oil, Eggs, Milk, Juice, Meat, Pasta, Rice

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