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Eagles Hope Transitional Housing has changed my life. I have been able to stay sober. I am so grateful. I have prayed everyday since coming to this housing program. I feel that my higher power is working for my recovery. In the past, I have many times that were traumatic. I am moving forward with thankfulness. I am grateful for the classes and the staff is caring. I feel very glad to have an opportunity to start a new life ~~ E.W.B.


Eagles Hope gave me a place to call home. A safe place my family can visit me ~~ Christian

Eagles Hope is helping me get back on my feet. They are helping me with housing and giving me a roof over my head, food and other necessities. I enjoy the hospitality they give. They are friendly and help with everything. I love the sobriety of being here and the sober environment they give me to live in. ~~ B.C.H. 

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